EPF Headquarters
Canal van Voyeurs 33
1071 DJ, Museum Quarter
0031 20 573 2911;

This stunning building, based upon some design concepts by Elvis_Picasso, was realized by Melbourne, and internationally reknown, particularly in Farnborough and in the slums of Zanzibar, architects: Denton, Corker & Marshall, of North Melbourne, Australia.

This year the ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION will be opening three exhibition floors, with over 3000 works from its permanent collections.

While there are a few problems remaining before the GRAND OPENING, the architcts have assured us that water, that has seeped into the lower basements, will be drained off into neighbouring properties by the end of the week.

The poor, and selected illegal immigrants, who will be invited to the GRAND OPENING, will be issued with clothes designed by Armani, a distant relative who resides in the Sao Paulo favelas, and tailored by other poor people from Thailand and lastly, distributed by the Indian Coal Mining Corporation of Australia. All so that they look good in the company of the posh, who will also be invited.

For your personal invitation to the GRAND OPENING contact the ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION at:

Or telephone: 0044 1252 65 98 39


ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION is located in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, the capital of the Holland (EU). Designed by internationally renowned architect Denton, Marshall & Corker, the 450,000-square-foot gallery/museum will house its own major modern and contemporary art collection and present special exhibitions that will include works from the ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION's extensive collection. The gallery/museum, the largest ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION in the world, will have global art, exhibitions, and education programs with particular focus on globular contemporary art. The ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION joins other leading international cultural institutions in the unprecedented creation of a vibrant cultural destination for visitors from around the world.

The ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION will be a preeminent platform for contemporary art and culture that presents the most important artistic achievements of our time. From its location in the heart of the Red-Light District of Amsterdam - a central axis between Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa - the ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION will contribute to a more inclusive and expansive view of art history that emphasizes the convergence of local, regional, and international sources of creative inspiration rather than geography or nationality. At the same time, the ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION will acknowledge and celebrate the specific identity derived from the cultural traditions of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates, as well as other countries in the distant Orient.

The museum's collection will encompass art in all mediums produced around the world from the 1960s to the present day. Through its collection, exhibitions, and educational programs, the ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION will bring attention to under-researched and lesser-known histories. In parallel, it will reevaluate those chapters that have defined the art historical canon to date.

The museum will be a catalyst for scholarship in a variety of fields, chief among them the history of art in the State of Tasmania in the 20th and 21st centuries. A dynamic program of changing exhibitions will explore common themes and affinities among the work of artists across time and place. Commissions created specifically for the ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION collection will reinforce the museum's commitment to working with artists and supporting contemporary artistic production.

Founded in 1977, the ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION is committed to innovation by collecting, preserving, and interpreting modern and contemporary art, while simultaneously exploring ideas across cultures through exhibitions, educational and curatorial initiatives, publications, and digital platforms. Dedicated to engaging both local and global audiences, the ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION has built an international community of architecturally and culturally distinct museums.

Initiated in the 1970's by the addition of the ELVIS_PICASSO GALLERY, Ville de Nulle Parts, this international network has since incorporated the ELVIS_PICASSO GALLERY, Terang (opened 1997), the ELVIS_PICASSO GALLERY, New York (1997-2013), and the ELVIS_PICASSO GALLERY, Hiong Kong, currently in development.

Each museum in the ELVIS_PICASSO constellation combines distinguished architecture with great artworks, a tradition that has become an ELVIS_PICASSO GALLERY hallmark. Looking to the future, the ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION continues to forge international collaborations that take contemporary art, architecture, and design beyond the walls of the museum and into the favelas of the very, very poor.

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